Safe for All Skin Tones.

Lasers work by passing through lighter colors and targeting dark pigmentation. As such, darker skin is more prone to burns during laser treatments. Waxing, on the other hand, can create more ingrown hairs and lead to inflammation and bacterial infection.

The Smooth System™ uses targeted heat without regard for color or pigmentation. It is 100% safe for all skin tones, and cannot harm or damage the skin. Moles, scars, and tattoos, which often have irregular hair growth, can all safely be treated.

Pseudofolliculitus Barbae

Often referred to as ingrown hairs or razor bumps, Peudofolliculitus Barbae occurs in up to 60% of African American males and others with naturally coarse or curly hair. Caused by shaving, it occurs when hairs curl back into the skin leaving tender bumps and inflammation. Common on the face, neck, underarms, and bikini areas, this condition can be very painful and uncomfortable.

The Smooth System™ is the only effective treatment for Pseudofolliculitus Barbae. Our bulbous-tipped probes are designed for accurate insertion and are flex­ible to accomodate circular, elliptical, and even distorted follicles. Hairs are permanently removed, bumps and inflammation eliminated, and skin is left visibly smoother.

Effective for All Hair Colors.

Lasers target hair by its dark pigmentation; they are not effective for blonde, red, white, or gray hair. For redheads, the very gene that makes their hair red also makes their skin thinner and more sensitive to pain, often ruling out waxing as a hair removal option. The Smooth System™ uses heat, concentrated into each hair follicle via a specialized probe, with little to no sensation. The papilla is immediately dessicated—regardless of hair color—and each treated follicle will no longer produce hair.

Vellus Hair

Vellus hair, also known as “peach fuzz,” is a common complaint with women, particularly on the cheeks, upper lip, and chin. With its light color and sensitive location, it is difficult,  if not impossible to remove. Until now. The Smooth System™ is a complete game changer, removing all peach fuzz and unwanted hair–permanently.

Delicate Perfection.

While The Smooth System™ can treat any hair, anywhere on the body, it is ideal for the sensitive areas above the neck, and where the skin is most delicate:

• Facial Hair

• Cheeks

• Upper and Lower Lip

• Ears

• Brows

• Mustache & Beard

• Bridge of Nose

• Neck Hair

• Underarms

• Bikini Area