Smooth Science.

Originally developed by Lucy Peters, along with world-renowned dermatologist Dr. Albert Kligman, the Smooth System™ is the culmination of concentrated medical engineering research, the published results of clinical trials, and more than 100,000 successfully treated clients over the last 40 years.

The Smooth System™ is comprised of three distinct components:

  • The Smooth System™ Device
  • Comprehensive Operator Training & Certification
  • One-on-one Client Assessment and Treatment


The heart of the system is our extraordinary FDA approved device, developed with proven, patented technology. Unlike any other in the marketplace, this is not a laser. Utilizing specifically calibrated radio frequencies, it adjusts in milliseconds to permanently remove the treated hair. It has been designated as the only device that is “FDA approved for permanent hair removal.” This is notably different than lasers and waxing, which are only approved for hair “reduction.”

Proven.  Patented.  Guaranteed.

Most importantly, the Smooth System™ cannot — under any circumstances — harm or scar the treatment area. The precision of our flexible, bulbous tipped, insulated probe ensures accuracy, safety, and efficacy. The hair and follicle are destroyed with no damage to the surrounding healthy tissue, and virtually no discomfort for the client.

The flexible probe is inserted into the active follicle. A millisecond burst of specifically timed and regulated radio frequency, in the form of heat, is discharged, focused on the papilla. The probe is then withdrawn and the hair is lifted out. The sensation of both the insertion and the current is negligible. Many clients feel absolutely nothing. Immediately after treatment, the skin may be slightly red and a little puffy. This disappears within a short time and the skin is left smooth and hairless.

The total time to make an area hair-free is equal to the time it takes for all hairs in the area to cycle completely. Each hair cycles independently of its neighbor. Variables of age, sex, and other characteristics are considered to determine the total number of treatments required. At any given time approximately 50% of total growth is dormant and untreatable. The Smooth System™ only treats hairs while they are in an active growth cycle, eliminating futile treatment of dormant hairs. Once treated, each follicle will never grow hair again, leaving the skin visibly smoother over time.

Lucy Peters: Smooth System Flexible Probe

Flexible Probe
Enables Treatment of Any Follicle

Lucy Peters: Smooth System Bulbous Tip

Bulbous Tip
Ensures Accuracy and Prevents Skin Damage

Lucy Peters: Smooth System Insulated Probe

Insulated Probe
Focused Energy Instantly Dessicates Papilla, Eliminates Discomfort and Skin Damage

Smooth skin by The Smooth System: Lucy Peters

Skin is Left Smoother
Follicle Shrinks After Hair Detaches from Papilla & Falls Out