Initial Consultation.

Because everyone is unique, a personal consultation and evaluation are required for all new clients. At this time, you will receive a complete explanation of the procedure and an exact quote for the number and cost of sessions needed to complete total hair removal in the desired area. Treatment with The Smooth System™ is entirely predictable. Variables of age, sex, and other characteristics factor into the total number of sessions required. The Smooth System™ technician will work with you to determine the best treatment plan for your needs and desired results.

Safety First:

Every Smooth System™ technician is trained and certified.

Our training curriculum meets or surpasses most state standards.

The Smooth System™ cannot and will not damage the treatment area.

Permanent Hair Removal Diagram

Smooth Treatments.

The Smooth System™ involves the insertion of a probe into the active follicle – the tiny opening out of which the hair grows. A millisecond burst of regulated radio frequency, in the form of heat, is discharged. The probe is then withdrawn and the hair is lifted out, and will not grow again. Both the probe insertion and the sensation of the current is negligible; many clients feel absolutely nothing. Immediately after treatment, the skin may be slightly red and a little puffy. This disappears within a short time, and your skin is left smooth and hairless.

The length of each treatment session will vary. This depends on the areas being treated and the volume of hair being removed. Because there is so little sensation involved, session lengths can be expanded as desired.

You’re On Your Way.

Many factors influence hair growth, and the number of treatments required to make an area hair-free will vary from person to person, and area to area. The total overall time is equal to the time it takes for all hairs in the area to cycle completely. Each hair cycles independently of its neighbor, and at any time approximately 50% of the total growth in an area is untreatable or dormant. One of the secrets to The Smooth System™ is that hairs are treated while they are in the active growth cycle, eliminating futile treatment of dormant hairs. Once the series of treatments has been completed, your unwanted hair will be gone forever. 100% Guaranteed.